Paul Jones

Make a good start, Jones.

Paul Jones, Owner of Goodstart Jones

Paul Jones

Paul Jones

Wolverhampton, UK


Goodstart Jones

Goodstart Jones is a British Bag & Luggage label born out of a passion for creative exploration, adventure and social experiences. Using sustainably sourced wood, Wolverhampton local, Paul Jones, and his team create unique, functional and high quality designs that will last.

Located in Wolverhampton, in the heart of the UK, Goodstart Jones is small, independent business that designs and produces stylish, innovative backpacks “for the sociable urban adventurer and cultural explorer.”

Their signature ‘Woodsack Collection’ is a manifestation of Goodstart’s belief in the importance of practicality, creativity and individuality, featuring a distinctive panel of eco-friendly wood for extra durability.

The business currently employs three people and operates by founder Paul Jones’s mantra: “Make a good start, Jones."