John Stack

We are a main street business that leveraged ecommerce. The main street business doesn’t have to manage 9,600 different sales tax rates; we collect for the districts in our state where we ship products. Why is it our responsibility to collect taxes nation-wide? We would lose customers and in turn profits and employees, because we would have to start selling at higher prices, while Amazon could continue to sell at a lower price.

John Stack, Owner of ACityDiscount

John Stack

John Stack

Norcross, Georgia, USA

Bill Stack, John's father and the founder of ACityDiscount, was a World War II veteran who entered the restaurant business after returning home from the way. He opened up and ran a local restaurant called Catfish King, which he eventually sold in order to focus entirely on ACityDiscount. ACityDiscount now sponsors the local Walton High School baseball team.

ACityDiscount has its own warehouse as well as a brick and mortar location in Norcross, GA.

45 employees

In the last couple years the business has grown at an annual rate of 25%, but John worries that the implementation of an online sales tax could halt his growth all together.


John’s business of selling new and used restaurant equipment began with his father Bill Stack in 1973. The businesses thrived through the 70s and 80s when John Stack decided to commit full-time to the family business. In 1999, sales were falling fast as demand in their area decreased. John came up with the idea to expand his area of distribution by selling on the up-and-coming website called eBay. The experiment took off and A City Discount was revived on thriving online sales. The nation-wide reach of sales was extremely successful and continued to grow until John was able to open a large warehouse/store-front property.