Harry Shamoyan

eBay kept the ‘doors’ of my small business open, even when we were forced to shut down our physical retail location.

Harry Shamoyan, Owner

eBay SBAN Member Harry Shamoyan

Harry Shamoyan

Montrose, California

Lots of Pets operates out of a home office.

1 employee

Lots of Pets

Harry Shamoyan has always been a devoted animal lover. His fur family currently includes two dogs, one cat, three birds and a hamster. The local pet store has always been a frequent destination for Harry. He would often find himself visiting multiple times a week, sometimes daily, and spending hundreds of dollars. Once he realized just how much time and money he was spending to fulfill his pet care needs, Harry saw the chance to turn his love of pets into a business that could supply pet owners with one-of-a-kind, affordable pet supplies at a better price point than his competition. Harry opened the doors to a 6,000 square foot store an eventually hired fifteen full-time to keep up with demand. Soon he had a thriving business and a loyal community following, but that success came at a cost. Almost immediately, PetSmart scouted the area and opened a megastore blocks away. As a small retailer Harry did not have the tools to compete with such a large corporation and was forced out of business. That is when Harry turned to eBay to try to sell some of his inventory online. He opened his eBay store Lots of Pets and was thrilled to realize that selling online would still allow him to achieve his goal of offering customers a wide variety of pet products – but now he had a global audience. Harry credits eBay with leveling the playing field and giving his small business a chance to compete with larger corporations.