Shaping Europe’s Digital Future

At a Glance

The European Commission digital strategy for 2019-2024 focuses on three key objectives:

  • Technology that works for people.
  • A fair and competitive economy.
  • An open, democratic and sustainable society.

Issue in Detail

The European Commission digital strategy for 2019-2024 focuses on three key objectives  to ensure that digital solutions help Europe to pursue its own way towards a digital transformation that works for the benefit of people: 

  1. Technology that works for people: The objective is to focus the development, deployment and uptake of technology that makes a real difference to people’s daily lives. The EU should have a strong and competitive economy that masters and shapes technology, whilst respecting European values. 

  • Legislation on Artificial Intelligence that would address trustworthy AI and introduce rules on the safety, liability, fundamental rights and data. 
  1. A fair and competitive economy: A frictionless single market, where companies of all sizes and in any sector can compete on equal terms, and can develop, market and use digital technologies, products and services at a scale that boosts their productivity and global competitiveness, and consumers can be confident that their rights are respected.

Key Actions

  1. An open, democratic and sustainable society: A trustworthy environment in which citizens are empowered in how they act and interact, and of the data they provide both online and offline. A European way to digital transformation which enhances the EU’s democratic values, respects the fundamental rights, and contributes to a sustainable, climate-neutral and resource-efficient economy.

Key Actions

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