Online Privacy

At a Glance

As a global commerce platform, eBay understands the importance of online privacy to consumers. eBay believes that ecommerce depends on consumer trust and that maintaining consumer privacy is essential to the continued growth of the Internet.  

  • Consumer privacy protections engender trust and confidence
  • eBay was twice ranked by consumers as the most trusted brand for privacy
  • Online privacy policy needs to recognize legitimate uses of personal information to enhance consumer experience and ensure safety and security

Issue in Detail

Over the years eBay has learned that one of the keys to success is engendering consumer trust and confidence. To foster that trust, we’ve met customer privacy expectations with every product we offer.

We continually strive to meet and exceed consumer expectations, while offering greater levels of transparency, consistency, and consumer control. Over the years, we have launched several privacy enhancing products and services, including our Ad Choice program, which allows eBay users to choose whether to receive behaviorally targeted third party advertising on eBay and on the websites of our advertising partners.

As governments and regulators around the world wrestle with the difficult task of developing new policies to strengthen privacy protections, we want to engage in that dialogue and add value by sharing our expertise and experience. We believe that there is an important role for policymakers in protecting consumer interests and we are happy to serve as a resource to policymakers on best practices in consumer protection. eBay supports US legislation and international law to provide a rational and constructive framework to protect consumers while recognizing legitimate uses of personal information.

eBay is committed to working with policymakers around the world to help craft regulations and policies that protect consumers while preserving innovation and growth. For more information on eBay and our privacy efforts, please visit eBay’s Privacy Center.