Access to Global Markets

At a Glance

eBay believes global trade rules should be modernized to ensure small business participation in technology-enabled global commerce.

Through advances in ecommerce technology and increased access to worldwide shipping, small businesses previously excluded from global trade now have access to international markets. eBay supports policies that enable American small businesses and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the economic opportunity provided by global commerce.

Issue in Detail

eBay has provided my business with easier access to customers around the world, significantly increasing my business's profits and elevating brand recognition.

– Sandra Gustard, eBay seller and owner of Fountain Pimento Oil

The Internet has fueled a transformative revolution in global trade for small businesses. Global platform-based marketplaces, online payment services, and affordable and efficient delivery solutions have all dramatically reduced the cost of distance and have made global trade a reality for businesses traditionally excluded from such activity. This model of trade is highly inclusive, and is empowering small businesses – both rural and urban -- to connect with customers all over the world. eBay research has discovered that in the United States:

  • 96% of eBay-enabled small businesses export compared to only 1% of traditional businesses
  • eBay-enabled small businesses reach an average of 14 different foreign destination markets
  • 56% of eBay-enabled small businesses reach customers four or more continents

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