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Women-Owned Small Online Business Trade Report


eBay is harnessing technology to empower independent small businesses and entrepreneurs to engage in expansive commerce, often on a global scale. This report explores the unprecedented trade success of women-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs in the United States on eBay. The trade data detailed in the report reveals that nearly all women-owned eBay-enabled small businesses in the United States are exporters and completely dwarf the export rate of traditional businesses. In addition, the average number of countries reached by US women-owned eBay-enabled small businesses is more than four times that of traditional businesses. These impressive export numbers are being achieved by women-owned small businesses in communities across America, whether based in metropolitan hot spots or more rural and traditionally agricultural regions. eBay is conclusively reducing the barriers that have traditionally locked small businesses, including women-owned small businesses into their local market. This is a good news story of inclusive global trade and eBay is committed to providing women-owned small businesses with the means and opportunities to grow their operations and create wealth in their own communities.

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