Southeast Asia Small Online Business Trade Report

Southeast Asia Small Online Business Trade Report

This report details how small online businesses across six Southeast Asia countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam - are using the eBay ecommerce marketplace to successfully sell to consumers in hundreds of export markets each year, contributing to important national efforts to use exports by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to help bring balanced and inclusive economic growth.  The data on eBay and its role as a powerful export platform highlights how it is uniquely positioned to offer independent SMEs in the region ecommerce export opportunities.  The report also examines the phenomenon of new enterprise creation and establishment, a key indicator of business and economic dynamism.

Key findings include: (1) While less than 20 percent of traditional businesses in each of the six markets highlighted in this report export, all eBay-enabled small businesses in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam are exporters, and more than 95 percent in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore use eBay to reach global consumers; (2) These SMEs exporting on eBay have the reach of giant businesses, serving customers in an average of 25 different international markets on an annual basis; (3) eBay is empowering SMEs in Southeast Asia to export to several of the world’s most valuable consumer markets that are otherwise underrepresented in the exports of each country’s traditional business communities; and (4) eBay is facilitating market entry and participation for new enterprises throughout the region.

The findings presented in this report demonstrate how eBay, a global ecommerce marketplace leader offering a level playing field for export success, is helping the rapidly growing and digitally proficient SME communities across Southeast Asia succeed on a global stage.

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