Small Business Ambassador Network

eBay connects European sellers with policymakers in Brussels and European capitals to allow SMEs to share their concerns about legislation impacting small businesses trading online.

Italy Seller

Our mission is to regularly connect European sellers with policymakers to highlight the importance of SME-friendly policy. All seller participants are members of our Small Business Ambassador Network program, selected for their dedication to helping all Internet-enabled small businesses across the EU. These sellers take time away from their businesses and their families to travel to Brussels and other European capitals to meet with policymakers.

eBay launched this highly effective program fifteen years ago and we have received consistent feedback from policymakers that these meetings are highly valuable.

Prat International Brands, Tarragona, Spain
Home & Garden
Deltatecc, Saarwellingen, Germany
Home & Garden
Kit Xenon Tuning, Bucharest, Romania
Parts & Accessories
California Motorcycles, Oliva, Valencia, Spain
Parts & Accessories
RallyShop, Toruń, Poland
Parts & Accessories
Heliotrade, Grasse, France
Home & Garden
Novara Metalli, Novara, Italy
Home & Garden
You Dream Italy, Napoli, Italy
Home & Garden
Footloover, Grassano, Italy

About the Small Business Ambassador Network

There are a wide range of activities that our SBAN members can participate in. The best part about SBAN membership is that you get to choose your level of involvement. We will reach out with opportunities, and you can decide if you’re interested in participating on a case by case basis. We understand that your first priority is running your business, that’s why our intention is to make every activity you choose to engage in as easy as possible for you.

Activities may include:

  • Signing an op-ed or Letter to the Editor for local or national media outlets
  • Interviewing with local and national media outlets
  • Conducting a facility tour of your warehouse or business for elected officials
  • Attending or speaking at a roundtable or panel event
  • Attending meetings or other events

Meeting senior eBay executives

How to apply

Any small business that uses the eBay platform and is interested in lending their small business story to our global advocacy efforts can apply to join the Network. All you have to do is email [email protected] or fill out our Application Form on this page and let us know that you’re interested in joining SBAN and a member of our team will follow up with you.

Required information for applying

Joining SBAN means that we will work together closely in our policy efforts. We will review whether you & your eBay business are eligible for the program based on your application form.

If you are, we will call you. Why? In order to determine if we are a good fit and if you would be comfortable speaking one-on-one with elected officials, media outlets or at events, we should get to know each other. If you do not want to provide your phone number or do not want us to call you, please do not apply for SBAN.


Become a SBAN member