Supporting EU small businesses

With the right policy framework, EU policy makers can embrace our vision of an SME-driven, open, inclusive, and competitive online commerce market in Europe.

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Since 1995, eBay’s purpose has been to allow everyone to seize the opportunities of connected commerce. eBay is a pure marketplace; we dedicate all our energy to supporting our user community (buyers and sellers) without ever competing against them. Through eBay, businesses are allowed to individually adopt their own storefront and to remain fully in control of their products’ pricing, handling, and their relationship to their customers. By enabling millions of sellers around the world to build their businesses using our innovation and digital technologies, we are committed to providing a safe, secure and convenient location for e-commerce, economic activity and the empowerment of micro, small and medium-sized businesses across the globe.

Through this website, our objective is to share information with policymakers on the challenges that European small businesses face when starting to sell online, but also to make their recommendations heard for the future.