eBay is Promoting Inclusive Economic Opportunities Across Germany

eBay Seller Andreas Muller

Promoting Inclusive Economic Opportunities Across Germany

Our new report demonstrates that more intense selling activity is coming from eBay small businesses in Germany’s structurally disadvantaged and rural areas than from the most well-off urban centers.


Top Findings Include:

Scales demonstrating balance
eBay is a force for balanced growth in Germany
Arrow showing growth
eBay small business are flourishing in economically challenged Districts
Rural small business
There is robust eBay small business activity in many rural communities
Nearly every eBay small business in Germany is an exporter
  • eBay Seller Melanie Halfmann
    Through my eBay store, I can sell my products from my own paint factory to many customers outside my catchment area.
    Melanie Halfmann
  • eBay Seller Andreas Muller
    The fact that we started trading online with the help of eBay was partly due to the intuitive and easy handling of the platform. In addition, we were able to significantly expand our clientele. We sell products across Europe thanks to the wide reach of eBay.
    Andreas Müller
  • eBay Seller Jennifer Sax
    As experts for woodwind and brass instruments, we serve a large clientele throughout Germany. With our eBay store, we can sell our products, both new and used, even across national borders.
    Jennifer Sax, née Geiger
    Musikhaus Geiger & Geiger GmbH
    Kehl am Rhein
  • eBay Seller Julia Weinrebe
    Through my eBay store, I can advise my customers online and help them choose the right product.
    Julia Weinrebe
    St. Michaelisdonn
  • eBay Seller Carolin Langer
    For me, online business offers the advantages that we can reach our customers around the clock, but also the reach across Germany. In contrast to the local brick and mortar business, we can present our products better. We can provide pictures or videos to show customers how the plants will look later when they have grown.
    Carolin Langer
  • eBay Seller Franziskus Weinert
    eBay is a good addition to my brick-and-mortar retail store and gives me an opportunity as a seller to be successful with my toys online as well.
    Franziskus Weinert
    Toyshop Mittelrhein