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Jean-Marie Carron

Jean-Marie Carron
Heliotrade, Grasse, France
Home & Garden

Jean-Marie Carron was a flea market aficionado who quickly saw the potential of launching an online endeaver when ecommerce began to boom. He created Heliotrade in 2005 and started straight away on eBay, which was already the leading French marketplace with a strong presence in the antiques and collectibles market. In an effort to maintain growth, and ever a keen foreseer of market trends, Jean- Marie slowly evolved his business inventory, focusing on home and garden accessories and DIY equipment. He now sports over 1,500 reviews, and sells online through various marketplaces that allow him to reach international customers in seven European countries. 

“I tried to build my own website but the digital marketing investment needs nearly killed my company. Marketplaces like eBay enable you to reach customers who cannot find what they are after nearby their home”