Now Available: New Issues in Focus Episode on European Waste Legislation

December 8, 2022

This new episode of Issues in Focus provides background information on European Waste legislation, such as the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive, and the Waste Framework Directive, which are both about to be revised in 2023. Existing legislation does not specifically deal with ecommerce, which has lead European countries to take separate initiatives for seller waste registration and reporting. This lack of harmonization across the EU has created friction for smaller sellers and prevented them from offering their products in some destinations in Europe. In this context, eBay highly welcomes the European Commission’s initiative to update the key components of waste management rules in the EU. It will also help all players involved do their part in reaching the EU’s ambitious goals for waste reduction. Thank for watching today and stay tuned for new episodes. We also encourage you to visit for more information on policy issues affecting e-commerce sellers in Europe.