France launches exceptional 500€ check to support SME digital transformation

April 23, 2021

Earlier this year, the French Government officially launched the “Chèque France Num”, an exceptional 500€ check designed to support businesses affected by the Covid-19 crisis to start their digital transformation, including by selling online.

French businesses can benefit from the check only if they meet a certain list of criteria, including some key ones indicated below:

  • Having less than 11 employees
  • Having less than 2 million euros in annual revenue

For those meeting the criteria, the check is very easy to obtain by uploading a proof of ID and relevant bills using the dedicated online service at:

Eligible spends include:

  • Opening and running an account on a marketplace like eBay (includes any subscription costs or final value fees)
  • Creating a website or e-commerce site
  • Investment in visibility / online advertising
  • Investment in software for managing stock, orders, deliveries or customer relations

Full list of both eligibility criteria and eligible spends is available through the link shared above.

New eBay sellers in France can currently benefit from an exceptional welcome promotion that lasts until 30 June 2021, but the check could be a useful boost for those wishing to grow their online business even further. It will be awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis with around 110,000 checks available. Bills can be uploaded up to 4 months after their issue date (4 months after 28 January for those dated before that day); the minimum amount is 450€ tax included, as the check will be awarded in one single time.