eBay Supports Unifab’s Fight Against Counterfeit Goods

August 5, 2021

Founded in 1872, l’Union des Fabricants (Unifab) is a prominent French public-interest organization that includes more than two hundred brand owners across a variety of product categories. Unifab promotes international protection of intellectual property, fighting against counterfeiting through lobbying, training and sensitization operations. The eBay Brand Relations team has a history of working closely with Unifab and their members. For example, a few years ago eBay sponsored a Paris-based Unifab exhibit containing a dedicated area about online shopping and eBay was the only online marketplace represented.

eBay and Unifab’s relationship has developed over the years. This year is the second year that we are sponsoring their annual consumer awareness campaign Be, Buy, Consume, REAL. United Against Fakes and Piracy. This partnership is important as it demonstrates that eBay is a trusted partner in the fight against counterfeits – and this activity is an important part of a larger list of anti-counterfeiting activities eBay undertakes on a regular basis.