eBay Featured In Consumer Product Safety Video

March 18, 2021

With its longstanding cooperation with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in the area of Product Safety, eBay was invited by the OECD to participate in a video to promote their Recommendation on Consumer Product Safety. Delphine Dauba-Pantanacce of the eBay Global Regulatory team was featured in the video on eBay’s behalf. 

The Recommendation outlines the core principles that should drive national and international consumer product safety policy and legal frameworks. It also encourages governments to engage with businesses and other stakeholders in developing consumer product safety initiatives. Through its years of experience with safety initiatives, eBay has been able to identify the below best practices which it could share with governments and other businesses, including: 

  • link to the OECD Global Recalls portal on eBay’s Product Safety policy so its third party businesses can check the recall status of products before listing them.
  • publishing a Product Safety Guidance for sellers who can check product safety laws and standards when selling on the US, UK, European and Australian eBay sites. 
  • launching the Regulatory Portal enabling regulators and market surveillance authorities around the world to report listings to eBay that are offering non-compliant/illegal items.
  • signing product safety pledges with consumer product safety authorities in Australia and the European Union where eBay has committed to continue working closely with authorities to identify product safety risks and trends as well as help keep consumers and businesses using its platform informed about safety.
  • participating in the OECD’s global awareness campaign to help raise consumer and business awareness about safety risks involved with purchasing and selling toys online. 

The video features representatives from consumer product safety authorities, consumer organizations and international businesses. It illustrates years of cooperation with regulatory authorities around the world aimed at protecting consumers, especially with the recent acceleration of the digital age.