The « eBay DSA Series » - shedding light on the EU’s ambitious Digital Services Act proposal

May 19, 2021

In December, the European Commission released an ambitious legislative proposal aimed at regulating online intermediary services, called the “Digital Services Act”. Today, we are launching a series of short papers: the “eBay DSA Series”. Our papers will address the implications of these new rules for third party marketplaces and their users and will recommend necessary improvements.

The adoption process of the proposal is expected to last for one to two years and involves two other European institutions besides the Commission: the European Parliament and the Council of the EU. As the debates start and more stakeholders make their voice heard in both Council and Parliament, eBay will contribute through a series of papers branded the “eBay DSA Series”. While covering the many important issues found in the DSA, the Series aims to retain an accessible format (no more than 3 pages each). With the papers, eBay hopes to bring valuable insights from the types of services, users and content eBay has pioneered, as a pure third-party marketplace, for over two decades of constant presence in Europe and service to European users.

We inaugurate the Series today with its first issue, titled “Ensuring a balanced liability framework”. The issue focuses on provisions in the DSA that relate to the liability regime of providers like eBay, in the context of the fight against illegal content online.

We encourage readers to check our insights and arguments in the document and to address any questions or remarks through the “Contact Us” form to be found in the top site menu.

The release of future issues will be announced on this blog, so stay tuned!