Combating Cybercrime

At a Glance

eBay engages with policymakers and law enforcement around the globe to fight cybercrime. Phishing and identity fraud threaten the development of the online economy, and eBay is committed to keeping ecommerce safe for consumers.

  • Cybercrime erodes consumer trust in the Internet and its safety
  • Combating cybercrime requires effective international laws 
  • The Council of Europe Convention on cybercrime sets the principles that national laws should follow in tackling cybercrime

Issue in Detail

At eBay, we regard fighting cybercrime as a strategic business priority. We invest heavily in keeping our sites and services safe and secure.

Our efforts are complemented by close cooperation with law enforcement around the globe. eBay’s government relations team engages regularly with policy makers to share our experiences and ensure there is an effective legal framework and commitment to fighting cybercrime around the globe.

Our Point of View

  • Cybercrime, particularly phishing and identity fraud, is the biggest threat to the continued development of the online economy. The success of the Internet ultimately rests upon consumers trusting the Internet and its safety. Cybercrime erodes this trust.
  • Cybercrime, just like the Internet, knows no borders. It therefore requires action and cooperation between policymakers and law enforcement around the globe. Very often the victims of cybercrime are in one country, whereas the criminals are located in a different country. If effective laws are not in place in each jurisdiction, criminals will migrate to countries where it is harder to secure convictions.
  • The Council of Europe Convention on cybercrime is the only international legal instrument which sets the principles that national laws should follow in tackling cybercrime. The Convention – which has also been signed by the U.S. and Canada and is open to all countries – is the one international instrument that can be used to adapt national laws to effectively address cybercrime. In our outreach to policymakers, we encourage them to sign and implement the convention as rapidly as possibly in their legal system.
  • In the U.S., eBay partners with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in support of their Small Biz Cyber Planner 2.0 to help ensure that internet-enabled small retailers are protected from cyber threats. The Small Biz Cyber Planner 2.0 is an online tool that allows small businesses to create a cybersecurity plan that best fits their needs and their business model. As the backbone of the U.S. economy, it is critical that small businesses have access to quality cybersecurity tools to ensure their safety and competitiveness. 
  • eBay supports legislation that would encourage governments to increase public awareness of cybersecurity, cyber safety, and cyber ethics issues. Greater education is needed so Internet users as well as state and local governments can better combat cybercrime. 

We strongly believe that law enforcement must be given the necessary resources to investigate cybercrime offenses, which is not always the case at the moment. Tackling cybercrime is often lower in law enforcement’s priorities, especially if the victims fail to report it or the sums involved are small. Furthermore, law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges often do not have the necessary technical means and knowledge to investigate and prosecute these types of crimes. We strongly support public-private partnerships in this area because better engagement is needed to protect Internet users from cybercrime.