Internet Sales Tax

Remote sales tax. Nexus tax. Distant sales tax. Streamlined Sales Tax Project. SSTP. Internet sales tax. Online sales tax. No matter what you call it; eBay Inc. opposes any attempt to impose Internet sales tax collection burdens on small Internet-enabled businesses. As small businesses all across the nation struggle to compete with big box retailers, this is not the time to require small Internet-enabled businesses to take one the additional burdens of collecting and remitting sales taxes in up to 9600 jurisdictions nationwide.

Over the years, eBay has witnessed firsthand the opportunities that have been created for small businesses that use the Internet to reach new customers. The Internet is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes - especially small businesses - to reach new markets, new consumers and increase productivity, which in the end, all leads to new job creation. However, treating a small online business the same as a mega-billion dollar retailer will not foster small business growth and development. Policymakers need to promote policies that keep the Internet marketplace open to ALL business, both big and small.

eBay believes that a workable solution must provide true fairness for Internet-enabled businesses, as well as offline businesses that should have the ability to one day use the Internet to reach new consumers. True state sales tax simplification or an increase to legislatively proposed small business exemptions are two options that policymakers should consider as they seek to achieve system parity.

Read our complete policy briefing: Protect Small Businesses: Include a Robust Small Business Exemption in Any Internet Sales Tax Proposal

Or if you would like to join eBay and call on your member of Congress to protect small businesses from this new tax burden, visit our Action Center.