eBay and the Circular Economy

November 9, 2021

Around the world, eBay helps extend the life of products through the resale of pre-owned and refurbished items on our global marketplace. By keeping products in circulation longer, eBay makes a positive contribution to a robust circular economy that’s essential for the sustainability of our planet.

Being a go to destination for people to buy and sell pre-loved items, eBay is proud to be releasing its latest report on supporting sustainable recommerce eBay and the Circular Economy.

The Report surveyed eBay sellers in Australia and around the world on their experiences and motivations. Amongst Australian pre-owned sellers surveyed for the Report, 83 percent primarily sell items “they no longer need”. This reflects an increase in interest for pre-owned goods with 74 per cent of Australians surveyed indicating buying pre-owned items has become more common in recent years.

eBay has always provided a platform for re-use and economic opportunity. As Australians faced months of mobility limitations, eBay became an even more essential avenue for both consumers and business to find new income opportunities. Among Australians surveyed for the report, those who took up selling on eBay in the past 12 months, making extra cash was their top motivator (51 per cent). Interestingly, female re-sellers on eBay could find more items to sell (20 items) than male sellers (11 items). Men, however, thought their items were of higher total value ($1,848) than their female counterparts ($1,140).

When asked about potential motivators for Australian sellers to sell more pre-owned goods online, the most supported initiative was simplifying postage (26 percent). This is something that eBay Australia is investing in. Through eBay’s partnership with Sendle, Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral shipping service, sellers can sell and post items printer free!

We’re proud of the role we play in supporting the circular economy and to drive economic opportunity for all!