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At a Glance

eBay provides a cost effective and simple way for businesses to grow opportunities both here and overseas. We believe trade rules should encourage small business participation in export.

Each month, over 11 million unique visitors visit

With that scale and reach, the eBay marketplace provides a powerful platform for micro, small and medium sized businesses to access both customers and opportunities they couldn’t find by themselves.

Whether they have a bricks and mortar shopfront and are looking to expand their business offering, or using eBay as a pure play platform for online sales, our marketplace provides a cost effective and simple way for businesses to get online and grow.

With more than 182 million active eBay users across the globe opportunities for these businesses don’t stop at the Australian border.

It’s why 92% of small businesses export, compared to only 2% of all registered businesses in Australia. On average, eBay-enabled small businesses in Australia export to 13 foreign markets, while traditional exporters only ship to three. This positions eBay-enabled small businesses to be more resilient to domestic economic challenges as well as open their businesses to niche markets many times larger than Australia.

When speaking to Government about trade, we emphasise the role and opportunity that marketplaces like eBay provide Australian business both here and through export channels overseas. Australia’s trade rules and its freight and logistics system should support and encourage small business participation in export.

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