Regulatory Reform

At a Glance

eBay supports reforms that encourage commerce and make it easier for businesses to operate.

Encouraging commerce and business activity is central to everything we do at eBay.

We’re motivated to make it as easy as possible for people to start, build and grow a business.

Our research indicates that starting a business that does not require a large financial investment is the reason 47% of Australian small business owners began selling through eBay.

While we do everything we can to make our platform easy to use and as cost effective as possible, Australian businesses, including the 40,000 that operate on, are weighed down by government regulation. With estimates that the cost of Federal government regulation alone exceeds $65 billion1, we need to be doing a better job to ensure that laws are well targeted and fit for purpose.

Before proposing new regulation, governments need to ensure they consider all alternative options and engage all stakeholders to help build workable solutions at least cost. We encourage opportunities to harmonise regulation in a nationally consistent manner

Any hour spent by a business on complying with regulation is an hour they aren’t looking to satisfy customers, support staff and grow. While regulation is necessary, making rules easy to follow and consistent is critical for encouraging a healthy business community.

When speaking to Government about regulation, we emphasise the need to both create and review laws to ensure they are easy to understand, simple to comply with and applied consistently.

Tackling Australia's $65 billion red tape industry

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