New Webinar Explores the Operational Impact of COVID-19 on the USPS

May 7, 2020

This week, the eBay Government Relations team hosted a webinar with Steve Monteith, USPS VP of Marketing, who provided important information about their operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the start of the pandemic, Steve was asked to participate in the USPS COVID-19 Response Command which helps ensure the organization takes a comprehensive approach to its response to COVID-19. He provided background on the four pillars on which the Command team is focused:

  1. Employee response, safety and well-being
  2. Operational Continuity
  3. Business Continuity
  4. Customer Continuity.

The Command meets with senior leadership on a daily basis to ensure all issues are being addressed. He also highlighted Residential  and Business Service Alerts available on the USPS website to keep consumers apprised of any disruptions.  

Additionally, he touched on International Service Alerts, also available on the USPS website, which displays the countries in which acceptance and delivery of international mail items has been temporarily suspended. The webinar ended with a lengthy Q&A, which covered topics such as international shipping, residential & business location pickups, delivery delays, package volume, and returns. You can view this webinar along with the others that detail support available for small businesses during COVID-19 here