eBay Applauds Denial of 6.7% Postage Increase

October 1, 2010

In July, the United States Postal Service requested that the Postal Regulatory Commission approve a special rate increase on a wide range of USPS services, including a 6.7% rate increase on package shipping services.  eBay participated in the Postal Regulatory Commission review of the USPS rate increase request, opposing the proposed rate increase because the additional costs would negatively impact hundreds of thousands of small business retailers and e-commerce entrepreneurs who rely on the Postal Service for quality and affordable shipping services.

We are pleased that the Postal Regulatory Commission heard the concerns expressed by eBay and a number of other concerned entities and announced yesterday it has denied the USPS’ special rate increase.

eBay will continue to educate policy makers on the importance of modern and affordable shipping services to creating a pro-small retailer e-commerce environment.

Read eBay\'s full comments submitted to the PRC.

Read the 111-page order issued by the PRC.