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Wayne Johnson

Caldwell, Idaho, USA

8 employees

eBay, Amazon, AnglersHabitat.com

Anglers Habitat has two brick & mortar locations.
Anglers Habitat exports 18% of its products.

About Anglers Habitat …

Wayne Johnson is the owner of Anglers Habitat, a fly fishing shop located in Caldwell, ID. Wayne has always had a passion for fly fishing and decided to turn that passion into a business. Years ago he started a fly fishing shop in Alaska and in 2003 he relocated to Caldwell, ID. Expanding to online sales was accidental for Wayne. He shopped online for a rare car part that he could not find nearby, when he realized how easy it was to buy and sell things on the Internet. He then put a couple of his own fly fishing rods up for sale and was shocked at the demand for his product. That’s when Wayne realized that he could grow and expand his traditional brick and mortar store through the Internet. Anglers Habitat could not possibly survive through walk-in traffic alone and that’s why Wayne has made a conscious decision to use the Internet as an avenue to keep his business steady year-round and reach a worldwide customer base. Today, Wayne not only provides for his own family, but also employs eight people in his community and operates two brick and mortar stores.

The Internet and eBay allow you to grow your business quickly and easily adjust to any economic environment.

Wayne Johnson, Owner of Anglers Habitat

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