Susan Cooley

Susan Cooley

Lenexa, Kansas, USA

a few employees


The Cooleys have aspirations of one day opening a warehouse, but for now are happy with the flexibility their eBay store provides, including spending more time with their family.
“Every year is better than the last,” says Susan referring to overall business growth.

About Sincerely Susan …

Coming from a family of eight and with children of her own, Susan understands how to be a smart shopper and find the best deals. Little did she know that her bargain-hunting skills would lead to a successful business. Six years ago, Susan needed to buy a down comforter at a reasonable price but wasn’t having any luck at local retailers. This led her to a realization: there are consumers everywhere wanting to discover a better bargain than the one found in traditional retail stores. That’s when she decided to take her skills to the next level and open a retail store on eBay. Today, Susan and her husband John manage Sincerely Susan, a thriving business that primarily resells clothing, accessories and some household goods. They credit consistent follow up and friendly customer service as guiding principles to keep their customers happy and coming back for more.

We’ve learned many lessons along the way and we feel that we have really created a niche and grown our business accordingly, but the Marketplace Fairness Act would be absolutely devastating for us.

Susan Cooley, Owner of Sincerely Susan

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