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Seth & Ellen Schmidt

Ashland, Virginia, USA

9 employees

eBay, Amazon, UsedCameras.com

SMASH Direct operates out of a 5,600 sq. ft. warehouse.
SMASH Direct exports 20% of their products.

About SMASH Direct …

About 10 years ago, Seth and Ellen Schmidt each held jobs in the fields of marketing and publishing respectively. During that time they began dabbling in online sales on the side for supplemental income. Within eight months of experimenting with online sales, Seth and Ellen both left their full-time jobs after discovering that this venture could be their main source of income. However, as most entrepreneurs know, launching their own business did not come without its hardships and sacrifices. The first year and a half the Schmidts were not able to pay themselves salaries, taking out a home equity loan to make ends meet. However, SMASH Direct has since been able to turn the corner, experiencing fantastic growth allowing them to move into a larger location and employ more of their community members.

There are many reasons why I love owning my own business, but at the end of the day, it's about independence, controlling my own destiny and providing for our team members. Many of our employees have been with us for 10 years!

Seth Schmidt, Owner of SMASH Direct

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