Sahar Emami

Sahar Emami



The company exports 94% of its merchandise.

About Eyeworld Boutique …

In 2008, due to the economic downturn, Sahar Emami was let go from her position as product & Key Account manager for a fashion company. While searching for a new job, Sahar decided to keep herself busy by helping her father with his wholesale eyewear business. She began bylisting a handful of popular brand name sunglasses on the eBay marketplace, and it wasn’t long before she realized that adding an online business-to-consumer (B2C) component to her father’s wholesaling business could be a successful venture. Today, the B2C Internet component of Eyeworld Boutique makes up about 80% of total turnover. Sahar’s fashion merchandizing background coupled with her father’s knowledge of and connections to the eyewear manufacturing and distribution sectors make the perfect match to grow and expand Eyeworld Boutique. The business mostly focuses on unique inventory and highly sought afterbrands. The business has sold products to customers as far away as Japan, Hong Kong, Israel and Saudi Arabia. In fact, the company exports 94% of its merchandise.

Adding an online component to our businesses has been an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience. Whenever we have a new idea for the business we can implement it right away and that’s helped us to grow and expand.

Sahar Emami, Co-Owner

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