John Ray

John Ray

Fleming Island, FL, USA

John Ray is self-employed.


John runs his small business from his home office.
John exports 31% of his products.

About JohnRay47 …

Before becoming a small business owner, John Ray worked as a chemistry teacher and rowing coach for ten years in Michigan. In 2009, John and his wife moved to Florida, thinking he would continue his career as a teacher. Unfortunately, he had difficulties obtaining a job at a local school. In order to support his family, John leveraged his existing interest in coins to buy and sell antique and collectible currency on eBay. eBay has enabled John to grow his business and reach global customers, which would have been impossible without the platform and Internet. Through eBay, John is able to sell coins and bullion that most brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S. cannot sell through walk in traffic alone.  John frees those brick and mortar stores of unwanted inventory at a reasonable price and then sells it to customers all over the world. John started his business with no capital and continues to reinvest everything into the growth of his smallbusiness.  

I have about three jobs, four if you include house upkeep and child care. Running a small business on eBay provides me with the flexibility to work from home. I create opportunity by buying a class of trade goods locally that few others buy, and then sell them on a global marketplace to bring money into my local community.

John Ray, Owner

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