Cori & Beau O'Steen

Cori & Beau O'Steen

Aiken, South Carolina, USA

13 employees, 4 contractors

eBay, Amazon,

UPakNShip operates out of two warehouses totaling 15,000 sq. ft.
Through the business Cori and Beau have been able to donate time and money to their community.

About UPakNship …

Business owner Cori O’Steen started UPak as a single mother of two young children. She wanted to be at home with her children, so she began selling clothing items on eBay to make ends meet. She has since transitioned her business model to selling shipping supplies. Though she started selling by herself out of her house, she has grown and expanded the operation, which now has two physical locations, one in California and the other in South Carolina. Cori’s husband and business co-owner, Beau O’Steen, was a Marine, honorably discharged in February 2007, after one tour in Iraq and one in Kuwait following 9/11. Cori O’Steen and her husband participate in eBay Giving Works, donating proceeds and running numerous auctions for charity. The business’s current charity is the Operation Family Fund. The business supports this charity because supporting disabled soldiers is extremely important to the O’Steen family. Growth has been terrific for UPak. The business has averaged growth of 50% per year over the last few years. The couple hopes to expand their product line and hire more workers soon.

We love owning our own business because we are ultimately responsible for our own success and the amount of success we achieve. Owning a business and being 100% self sufficient is the true American Dream!

Cori & Beau O'Steen, Owners of UPakNShip

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