Andrius Kolesnikas

Andrius Kolesnikas

Kaunas, Kuanas County, Lithuania

24 employees

Andrius was one of the pioneers of online sales in Lithuania and he started his business selling online on his own website and on platforms like eBay, Amazon and most recently

Because Lithuania is a small country and both customers and demand for his products can be rather limited, Andrius uses the online marketplace to put his products in front of the eyes of thousands of customers from all over the world. This allows him to move inventory more easily and that in turn allows him to offer a big selection of items to his Lithuanian customers that shop at his stores. Currently his biggest market is the United States, which makes up about 40% of purchases. Customers from Australia, Russia, Canada, Italy, Germany and Greece also regularly buy from SportClothes. Most sneakers are shipped via UPS and arrive in most countries within just three short days. The shipping method and time depends on which country the item is going to, however Andrius always offers his customers the choice of shipping method and carrier. While Andrius has seen vast improvements in international shipping times, it is still the biggest challenge for his business.
The growth that online sales provided allowed him to open two physical retail locations in Lithuania, which now make up between 15-20% of his total sales. By constantly reinvesting in his business, Andrius has grown SportClothes from $1000 to $4M in annual sales and he’s not stopping there.

About SportClothes …

Born and raised in Lithuania, Andrius Kolesnikas has always been passionate about the game of basketball. While playing recreationally he noticed that he could not always readily find the kinds of shoes he wanted to wear. That’s what promoted him to search for unique and hard to find shoes online. He turned to eBay to help him find the right sneakers and was soon also helping friends and teammates procure shoes. Andrius quickly realized that he could turn his hobby and passion for sneakers into a profitable venture. In 2008, at the young age of 21 and with only $1000, he started SportClothes, a small business selling sneakers and other sports apparel online. Many were skeptical that anyone would want to buy sneakers from a business in Lithuania, but Andrius finds that by providing excellent photos, descriptions, videos and outstanding customer service, most people have had no issues shopping with SportClothes.

Owning my own business provides me the freedom and flexibility that I desire and it has allowed me to take control of his own destiny and create opportunities for myself and others. I’m really looking forward to what the future holds for my business. In fact I’m currently planning to soon develop an App for the business.

Andrius Koslnikas, Founder & Owner

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