Andrea and Hans Gönner

Andrea and Hans Gönner

Riedlingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

60 employees in the winter, 30 in the summer

eBay, Amazon,

Garnwelt operates out of a large warehouse and a small storefront. Their warehouse space is 3,000 sq. and their store is about 800 sq. meters.
The couple exports a minimal amount of their products, mostly to Russia, the United States, and Australia. The shipping rates are too expensive for the transaction to be profitable. Andrea and Hans feel that if the shipping rates were lower they could expand their internationally sales. International shipping also takes a long time, sometimes taking multiple weeks to reach a customer in the United States.
Garnwelt has grown exponentially from their humble beginnings, averaging 200% annual growth. The business is able to grow and expand by operating on multiple platforms.

About Garnwelt …

Husband and wife team Andrea and Hans Gönner have been entrepreneurial partners for many years. Before starting their online business Garnwelt, the Gonners owned a big textile company in Riedlingen. This company manufactured and sold ladies’ clothes for many years. In an unfortunate turn of events the company went out of business. That’s when the couple began taking the high quality wool they were once using to make the ladies’ garments and selling it online on the eBay platforms. What started as means to liquidate their failed business, actually turned into an extremely successful online venture. Today the couples sells high quality, branded wool, such as Lana Grossa and Coats/Schachenmayr, that Germany is renown for. The couple was even able to open a small shop for clients to come in and buy yarn. As more and more customers ask for specific brands of yarn, they dedicated all of their strength and money into the brand business and steered away from their own wool, but they still have a plan to sell their own off soon.

We love to come to work every day because it has become a very successful business. We put in a lot of hard work in the beginning, working 7 days a week and very long hours. Yet today now we have seen our hard work pay off. 

We accept PayPal on our own website and it is extremely helpful. We don't ahve to wait for the transaction to process. As soon as someone buys the product, we have the money and we can ship it out immediately. It's very seamless and successful. 

Hans and Andrea Gönner, Owners of Garnwelt

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