Ticket Sales

At a Glance

eBay globally supports a competitive ticket market. Competition in the ticket market drives innovation, lowers prices, and improves the consumer experience. 

  • Consumers should have the right to buy, resell or give away tickets on the exchanges of their choosing, without penality.
  • Consumers should be protected from discriminatory, anticompetitive, and deceptive practices that make it harder to buy, sell, and use event tickets.

Before you take your seat, take a stand.

StubHub Concourse is a virtual venue where people who care about live entertainment can gather to learn more about the live event and ticket policies that make the fan experience better and easier. It’s also the place where fans can learn about the policies and practices that add hassles, restrictions and costs to the live entertainment experience. The StubHub Concourse team monitors and shares information on the distinct ticket and event policies that teams, leagues, venues and artists uphold. They also keep you informed whenever government gets involved in live event and ticket issues. 

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Issue in Detail

eBay globally supports the rights of fans who purchase tickets to entertainment and sporting events to choose a “transferable” ticket at the point of initial sale that can be resold or given away without limitations or restrictions. 

Ticket issuers and primary ticket platforms are increasingly using anticompetitive tactics to control the lifecycle of a ticket from start to finish. These restraints on trade limit competition, increase prices, and hinder fans’ ability to buy, resell, or give away tickets on the exchanges of their choosing. 

Maintaining “choice” for consumers ensures a competitive ticket market, which in turn drives innovation, lowers prices, and improves the consumer experience.