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The Washington State Legislature is threatening Internet commerce, especially small businesses, artisans and consumer sellers, through legislation that will impose tax burdens on small businesses and your favorite consumer- and small business-friendly online marketplaces. A budget proposal recently introduced would require Internet marketplaces to collect and remit Washington sales tax for any transactions involving Washington buyers, including out-of-state purchases you make from even the smallest businesses. The only way to avoid this burdensome taxation is for these companies to turn over private information about your online purchases to the state’s taxing authority. If you agree that your state policymakers should not pass this harmful legislation we urge you to fill out the simple form below to send a letter to your state legislators. 

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Please Oppose Harmful Internet Sales Tax Proposals in House Bill 2186


As your constituent, I write to request that you reject a provision in the House tax bill (Sec. VI of HB 2186) that would stifle small business growth and hurt consumers. This will shift regulatory and sales tax compliance burdens to out-of-state sellers and online marketplaces, increasing costs to users like myself and undermining the very business model that allows these platforms to provide low-cost services and opportunities to Washingtonians. Under this proposal, the only alternative businesses have to avoid these tax burdens is to threaten the privacy of Washington consumers by disclosing their location and purchasing information to the Washington Department of Revenue.

The unintended consequences of this legislation will be significant. It will increase costs to consumers, penalize domestic companies over foreign companies that do not have to comply, jeopardize consumer privacy, and likely encourage a patchwork of state laws causing unwieldy and cumbersome audit and compliance burdens for marketplaces and the small businesses that operate on and off their platforms.

Additionally, since any legislation will most likely be litigated, I have strong concerns Washington taxpayers will be straddled with the cost of an expensive lawsuit while creating uncertainty for businesses that create jobs for many Washingtonians.

Simply put, this proposal adds new taxes to transactions that often involve the very smallest businesses possible, including artisans, rural Mom and Pop retailers, and consumers using the Internet to resell goods to promote a Green Economy. Penalizing these positive Internet commerce applications, which are strongly enabled by online marketplaces, is bad for our economy and bad for Washingtonians who support economic opportunities for everyone.

I respectfully urge you to reject Sec. VI of HB 2186, and work with Washington businesses to advocate for Internet and tax policies that support all small businesses, artisans and entrepreneurs.

Thank you for your support of Washington consumers and businesses.


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