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The New York State Legislature is once again threatening to impose a new sales tax burden on your favorite Internet marketplaces. The pending proposal requires Internet marketplaces to charge sales tax on purchases that were previously sales tax free. Small businesses in New York that use marketplaces will also be impacted as the cost to do business increases. As New Yorkers, it’s time to take a stand against burdensome public policies that increase costs for consumers and businesses in your state. If you are a New York resident, we encourage you to take advantage of our easy-to-use tools to write a letter and tweet your legislators to help prevent this harmful legislation.

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Please Oppose Harmful Marketplace Internet Tax Proposal

Dear [Official],

As your constituent, I strongly encourage you to reject the marketplace Internet sales tax proposal, which is Part AA of the Governor’s proposed revenue bill. This unpopular provision requires Internet marketplaces to charge sales tax on purchases that were previously sales tax free. Under this proposal, items sold to New York buyers from small, out-of-state companies, artisans, and average consumers over the Internet will be taxed. As bad as this proposal is for marketplace providers and those small businesses selling through marketplaces, it’s even worse for New York taxpayers like me who will be footing the bill!

Internet marketplaces are an economic development tool that enable small businesses to sell their products across the country and around the globe. As marketplace providers bear the cost of compliance, New York based companies that utilize these providers will be negatively impacted as well. Penalizing the marketplace business model harms businesses that are invested in New York, hinders the ability for small, Internet-enabled New York companies to grow their market, and directly affects New York taxpayers.

I respectfully urge you to reject the marketplace internet sales tax proposal and support New York businesses and taxpayers. Thank you for your consideration.

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